Sunday, January 24, 2010

For the little lady....

I've wanted to make something yarny for my little lady for a loooong time... something other than a hat, that is... so I dug through my stash friday evening and found a good amount of cotton yarn that would be nice worked up as a little sweater or tunic. I've always liked a nice wide, boatneck-cowl-type neckline and thought it would look extra cute on Hammy.... and it does!!!!
I like this little tunic so much that I am actually going to retrace my steps and try to write my very first crafty tutorial... anyone with beginner crochet skills can make one of these little sweaters... I promise! This worked up soooo quick, I started it friday evening and was finished saturday morning... love that! I'm a self professed impatient crafter... I am in love with the art of crafting things; but not in love with lengthy-time-consuming-all-encompassing projects... I need the quick fix project. The one that allows me the satisfaction of doing something with my hands and then sets me free to move on to my next endeavor.
Still corking away... and promise will post the scarf as soon as it's done, hopefully sometime before the cool weather leaves us.

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