Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Corking Update....

Okay... so I haven't actually managed to get much accomplished on the corking project... remember the SCARCE spare seconds?.... Well, spare time has been filled lately with everyone and everything else but myself.

I have a beautiful baby girl who is gracefully (by day) cutting 7 teeth, three of which are molars, OWWWWW... By night she is not coping quite as well. I am up with her 3-4 times a night; although I must thank my husband... last night he stayed up all night getting ready for night shifts, he bottle fed her... but she still wanted mommy cuddles. I physically didn't have to get out of bed to get her, he brought her to me. I feel a little more rested today than I have in about a week... ahhhhhhh, thanks hun ;)

Today is a different story, fevery boy cuddling with some buddies on the couch watching cartoons... I think he's okay... and is quite enjoying all of the tv time... this is a rare treat... tv is usually left for when mommy is getting dinner prepared... usually! I have been known at times to use the tv as a distraction so that I can get some stuff done around the house.... and I don't feel guilty about it either. We all need our mental-health moments.... my mental breaks involve me, baskets of laundry, sunlight and borax. I seem to be able to clear my head when I'm doing the laundry, sometimes these are epiphany moments for me... anyone else like that?

Anyway.... I do plan on getting to the corking project today... it's going to be some kind of free-form, organically-shaped scarf... yeah, I know, makes no sense at all... just like me :)

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