Wednesday, January 18, 2012

REFURB-RECON-REPURPOSE: old suitcase, new doll case

I've always loved the idea of making something old, new again, and when I saw these on Etsy, I knew I could easily do it myself.... and then, the hunt was on for the perfect case....

And, I found one....  

Actually, Mr. Monkey found it on his very first trip with the girl-babe and I, to our nearest Bibles for Missions thrift store.  This pretty blue case was sitting on the floor with a bunch of other sad looking cases.... a diamond in the rough for sure....

The price tag.... a WHOPPING $3.00!  Yes, folks, this was the steal of the day!

So here it is.... the transformation....

original condition, ok, but, not really... and still has it's keys!
let the stripping begin - woo-hoo!!!
interesting.... butter cookie packaging as backing.... repurposing, I LOVE IT!
original lining stuck.... ah, no biggie
completely NAKED!
vintage sheeting fabric, batting, glue gun, and many-many-many glue sticks
pretty trims, not sure what to use just yet....
fitting and gluing the batting, really just winging it....until....
OUCHIE!  why does this ALWAYS happen to me?
burnt fingers forgotten.... bottom lining finito!
glue and press, glue and press.... top lining also finito!
cutting, trimming, fitting and attaching the pretty flowers
oops, forgot to take a shot of the trim being applied, my bad, here it is finished
the monkey-girl throwing in Bear's clothes before I could finish, love her excitement
'take a pitcher of me, mommy!' (heart melting)
I had so much fun whipping up this project!  In total, it took me about 4 and a half hours.... well worth my time and effort just to get that HUGE smile from that BEAUTIFUL girl....

I think, later-later, I'll add some clear pockets to the top to house the socks and shoes, and maybe paint the monkey's name on the outside.... I'll be sure to add that as a REFURB-RECON-REPURPOSE post too!

I hope this inspires you glue-gun toting craft-goddesses to tackle your own repurpose projects.  Have a lovely day my friends  ;)


  1. A GLUE GUN PROJECT!!! I am soooo excited!!! What an awesome idea for C to keep her goodies in. We had one when we were little and it was opened and closed so much on a daily basis, I'm surprised the hinges didn't wear out...

    3mi Mommy ROCKS!!!


  2. Aww... you're sweet! I just knew you would have had one too! I'm on the hunt for another for her Barbies... found a bunch at Southworks last week, but too much money :( Found a great vintage 50's make-up case that still smelled like make-up (is that gross and creepy?) didn't buy it because I'm sure you can't get rid of that smell....