Saturday, October 16, 2010

Say cheese....

What a beautiful fall day it has been... I had the good fortune to meet a lovely lady named Stephanie... and she just happens to be a fantastic photographer...

Today she was nice enough to come over to my house with her daughter and 2 daughters of a mutual friend of ours... and together with my own 3 children... held a fun photo session/play date featuring my hats!!! I am EXTREMELY excited to be able to post pictures of my hats on some of the cutest heads I have ever seen, and taken by a photographer who sees beauty in everyday life.

I'll have pictures to show you later in the week... I can hardly wait! And I can hardly wait to post them in my shop!

Thanks so very much Stephanie! You are truly amazing in your art! You can see Stephanie's work on her website by clicking on her name in this post or the link in the sidebar.

Have a happy, happy weekend everyone! ;)

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