Tuesday, October 12, 2010


No pictures to show... but, trust me... I've been busy! I'm totally addicted to these darn scrubbies!

I'm not too sure how many I've actually made because I've been giving them away as I'm making them... did I mention that I LOVE them??? Is it weird to love something that you use to get crusty food off your dishes?

Aaaany-who.... Not much else to report... Oh, wait! I'm actually reading a book! Yes... I've managed to fit a book into the few minutes I have here and there... like eating my breakfast standing at the counter... or, o-er giving the boys 5 extra minutes in the tub so I can sit on the bathroom floor beside them and get in a few more pages... Does anyone else do this? See, I don't actually give myself the time to sit and read... it's something I work in (and not very often)... aaanyway, the book is Angels and Demons by Dan Brown... I really liked The DaVinci Code by him, and as it turns out, I am really enjoying this one too... I LOVE a great suspense filled novel.

Like I said, not much to report. Take it easy, have a very relaxing evening all ;)

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