Monday, October 25, 2010

Quick Bit....

Wow! It's been a VERY busy last few weeks, and will continue to be... YAY for beautiful pictures that drum up orders, hearts and traffic! I couldn't be more happy!

And to top it off, in true Monkey-Mama fashion, I've left the Halloween sewing til the very. last. minute... have I ever mentioned that Halloween is the BESTEST holiday EVVVV-ERRRRR!!?? I'll be posting some pictures later on in the week of this year's costume picks.... once they're all complete, that is... For now, here are some hints of what they are...

Costume #1: You can eat it crispy... or not ~:>
Costume #2: Phone home :-/
Costume #3: Ouch! My neck hurts >:[

Have a nice evening all ;)

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