Monday, October 4, 2010

Pumpkin Patches and Apple Orchards...

You can never have too many pumpkins, I always say...

So 35 or so later... we became the pumpkin fairies, delivering pumpkins to those in need of the orange-y gourds...

There's nothing better than watching a bunch of kids run wild through a massive pumpkin patch (okay, maybe that was just me)... 53 whole acres of pumpkins!

And they were all for us... at least for yesterday afternoon they were... I was in Halloween HEA-VEN!

My wonderful step-sister and her husband are so kind; every year at this time, me, my husband and our children are invited to take advantage of fall's bounty... it's something we have made into a little tradition in our family. Not only do our kids get to experience a tiny glimpse of country/farm life, but we get to visit with a great bunch of people that we really should spend more time with.

And then today, after we picked the boys up from school, we went apple picking! This was my Hammy-girl's first experience picking...

The look on her face when she got out of the truck and saw all of the "appies" was a moment in time that I will never forget... the sheer joy and amazement in those first few seconds is the way everyone should see the world around them every. single. day... The boys were so excited that the trees were so short and that they didn't have to reach very high, but in that excitement,

they also just threw them into the bags not thinking that the apples crashing into one another would cause some serious bruising... but no matter, I'll take the boys happiness over a few marred pieces of fruit any day... The bruises won't matter much anyway when the apples are cooked down for some YUMMY applesauce... I also purchased 3 pie pumpkins to cook and freeze for later... I know, real exciting ;)

As a side... remember the marshmallows I was attempting to make???? We-ell... they turned out!

I was so excited... the kids were so excited... and now, through all of that work, they've requested strawberry flavoured marshmallows... what have I started!? EEKS!

Aaaaanyway... night-night all... happy Zzzzzzzz.... ;)

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