Friday, May 7, 2010

Things from our Mothers...

On Mother's day, I think we all try to reflect upon the things that we remember most, find most endearing, or have learned from our mothers... I learned several things from my Mother, here are just a few of them...

~ always keep a tidy house, you never know when someone will stop by unexpectedly
~ never say you hate someone, hate is a very strong word
~ smile lots (of course, pull it back a notch when you start looking Joker-psycho)
~ stand up straight
~ my love of baking and cooking... home-cooking is the best, it's the only way to ensure what goes in to our bodies (although, had you asked me as a child if I wanted McDonald's over liver and onions, I'm sure I would have gladly accepted the nutritionally defunct fast food)

and my all-time fave-oh-rit!... drum roll, please...

~ NEVER, NEVER shave above the knee, of course she said it would make me sick, but, as time passed, I knew that wasn't true... and as an adult I am grateful for the initial fear she instilled in me... to this day I have never had the need to shave above the knee... :D

Now... I'd like to take a moment to acknowledge a few of the great Mother's I know... if I forget someone, please accept my apologies and know that I love you...

Tasha... my BFF, I admire you sooo much for raising two well-mannered, handsome young men on your own, and for taking a leap that will forever change your lives in such a positive way - chase all of your dreams and catch them one by one, you deserve the very best that life has to offer... And to your Mom, Diane, for raising such a beautiful, kind-of-heart spirit... and for making me and my family feel like part of yours... you truly are a Mom-to-all...xo

Becky... my beautiful and strong friend... I am by your side and here to lend you my shoulder, hand, heart... foot to kick cancer's butt... you will win this battle and when we are old and gray and sipping on white wine, we'll say "remember when?"...xo

Kim... my generous and gorgeous friend... thank you for embracing me as your friend... you give to everyone around you and expect nothing in return but friendship... I respect you sooo much...xo

Sherry... my friend and neighbour... what took us so long to find each other??? I love laughing with you, and I especially look forward to our morning and afternoon conversations when we're walking the kids back and forth to school... thank you...xo

This weekend, I thank my Mother, Lauren, for giving me life... because it was that beginning that helped set the path for what would be my future... a path that was riddled with highs and many lows... but a path nonetheless, that lead me to becoming the strong and loving person I am today... Thanks, Mom.

And to all of the other Mother's I know...Paula, Jacquie, Laurie, Kristen, Nicole, Jane, Crystal, Rebecca, Sharon, Jamie... the list could go on forever...

Happy Mother's day to all of you and all of the other great Mom's out there... I hope you all enjoy your day... ;)


  1. And how can we all thank you for being who you help us to be? For showing us the positives in our lives; for letting us dwell on our negatives only long enough to realize what matters most is moving forth; for showing us that it's okay not to be perfect, but to try our best and laugh and learn from our mistakes; for loving us. Just because. We're all blessed to know you and blessed that you share your family with all of ours. Much love forever... xo

  2. Hey Julie,

    Thank you so much for mentioning our relatively new friendship. I knew from the first time I met you that you were special and the more time I spend with you I know my first impression was correct. I love spending time with you on your own or with our families. I am so happy you have come into my life! Thanks for all the laughs and all the great chats. You are a great Mom, crafter, cook and friend!
    p.s. You also taught me about blogging!!!