Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Busy, busy us...

We've had lots to do lately... a wedding to attend, visiting with family, re-finishing our kitchen table, opening the pool, errands, errands and more errands... so not a whole lot of crafty-ness going on... I wish I had more to post...I think I'm actually going through crafty withdrawal :(

On a brighter note... in a bid to help conserve energy and be less of a strain on the power grid this summer, I have purchased the niftiest little clothes drying rack... and can I just add, I LOVE IT!!!! When I brought it home yesterday, I tore into it, set it up on the back deck and immediately threw two loads of laundry on it! TWO LOADS!!!! Is it just me who gets this excited over new (or old) advances (or regressions) in laundry technology????

Anyway, this is the major excitement in my life right now... I've found a new appreciation for doing laundry and helping the environment... I'd say it's win-win all around ;)

Have a fantastic afternoon and evening everyone ;)


  1. Hey Julie

    That's wonderful. It's amazing what pleasure the little things in life give us. You should be proud of doing your part to preserve our environment.

    All that being said, I am a little sad that your big news is laundry related!!! HA HA :)

  2. Don't be sad for me... the rack truly is exciting to me ;)

  3. wow, what kind of drying rack did you find? I have one, but I'm lucky if I can put a whole load on it... I do have a clothesline though.. But the rack was great for inside drying.