Monday, May 10, 2010

My first giveaway... CLOSED

Recently I discovered this great tutorial for a fabric flower over at Sew Ritzy-Titzy... check her out if you get a chance... her main vice is crochet, but there are some other mediums mixed in here and there as well...

Her flower consists of 16 petals... unfortunately, the fabric I chose was a much heavier weight which meant mine could only be 8 petals, I also didn't follow her tutorial exactly (I am a self-professed lazy crafter, so if I can find a short cut, I will)... anyway, I think it turned out pretty good, I'm happy with the result for my first attempt...

I added a black button to the front and a pin to the back so it can be worn on a jacket, shirt, purse... wherever one sees fit...

So here's where we get to the giveaway... this little gal is up for grabs to one lucky reader... leave me a message, tell me what you're up to crafty-wise or not, just say hi... or whatever... there's no catch except to leave me your e-mail address so I can contact you if you win...

I'll do a randon drawing (which will consist of one of my little monkeys drawing a name from a hat, bowl, box or something container-ish) on Monday, May, 17th, 2010... that's one week from today! Good Luck...

Enjoy your Monday... ;)


  1. I am SEW excited to be entering your give away! Okay, my little play-on-word with "sew" should warrant a bigger ticket for smaller hands to grab easier... just a suggestion... ;)

    Hmmm... what am I up to craft wise these days? Well, last night I very craftily attempted to get baked on gum out of the dryer. This morning I craftily convinced a 5 yr old that wearing acceptable socks does not include yesterday's cast offs from the laundry hamper. Also this morning, I craftily (read vein bulging out of my neck as I counted to ten several times and while raising my voice but not screeching) got a confession out of a small male species that it was indeed he who didn't lift the lid... or aim... 'nuff said. Most recently this morning, I craftily got through a road detour. Before having my coffee. Yay me!

    Sew (see, I used it again!), having explained my "craftiness" to you, my 3 Monkeys Mama, good luck to me! :)

  2. Hi Julie,
    I love your blog! Very inspiring and heartwarming. I try to be crafty at times and once i get going i like it, however i am the worst sewer in the world!!!

  3. Hey Julie!
    I have to admit that i am the least crafty person around. Put me outdoors anyday to run in the rain or be crazy, but put a sewing needle in my hand and i might easily attack my firstborn. Craft projects generally make me feel like stabbing my eyes out. I always have the best intentions intially, the ideas sound so great, but half-way through - look out, cause the thing is likely to come flying out the window! I will stick to jumping on trampolines and letting my mother-in-law do crafts with my kids :)
    SO, that being said - i am a huge supporter of craft sales, auctions and the like (anything where other people do the dirty work). But i am always happy to buy, buy, buy...or win, win, win, in this case!
    Happy to have discovered your blog. Have a great day.

  4. Hey Julie,

    You know my craftiness revolves around scrapbooking. It is my love and passion! And now I am hoping to get some time into to make some digital books. Possibly a nice Christmas idea for family...

    My most recent crafty project was decorating 120 paper welcome bags for my sister's May and July New York City bus trips. I stamped on one side a fabulous Big Apple with I love NY stamped on the apple and then on the back I stamped Lady Liberty herself. Nothing too spectacular because people eat the treats and remove their itineraries and use it as a garbage bag!!! Which makes me sad that my work is then used for garbage...but at least they aren't using plastic garbage bags!

    Oh and might I add copying your treat bags from your blog for my son's birthday party! Thanks for the inspiration!