Saturday, April 3, 2010

A compromise...

I've sent a letter to the Bunny-Man, requesting that he please leave our house til last... I figure after he's finished all of the homes in the world, he'll arrive at ours sometime after we've gone to bed Sunday night. This way Daddy won't miss out on Easter with all of us.

You see, Daddy has to work this weekend and that has been a bit sad for all of us. We know and understand that Daddy's job doesn't take holidays because; unfortunately, crime doesn't take holidays. It's a small compromise that we've made with the monkeys and although they're a little upset about not having just one more sleep til Easter; they are more than grateful that the Easter Bunny has not left Daddy out.

You do what you can every holiday, birthday, family event... to make sure that everyone is included; the reality is that it doesn't always work out the way you want... Compromise. It's my best advice. Without it, there would be a great number of unhappy homes that house unhappy dwellers.

Happy Easter everyone... I hope your Easter will be as special as I know ours will be ;)

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