Friday, April 16, 2010

Pay me with love...

I have to say that as rewarding as being a Mom is; it is equally as tough. I am doing what I love to do... I'm at home with my children and I get to see my husband everyday, not just in passing as we're leaving for work and shuttling children here there and everywhere... And that's not to say that I think all Mom's should be at-home-moms... this is just what we've chosen for our family; and believe me, it is not without sacrifice...

I guess today's post is for all Mom's... I understand how difficult it is everyday because as Mom's we seem to think we need to be like Atlas and carry the weight of the world (our world's) on our shoulders. Motherhood is a highly faceted job: it's gratifying, challenging, loving, frustrating, endearing and oftentimes thankless. Our expectations of ourselves are limitless and frequently unattainable; yet we still trudge along day after day because we love what we do. Whether you're an at-home-mommy, a working mommy or a part-time mommy - we're all the same... we try to achieve some shred of success for our families. And I don't mean monetary success - money means nothing if you don't have a solid and loving foundation to build upon. Rather, success in the way of happiness, support, caring, health... all of the things we want for ourselves; we also want for the ones who mean the most to us.

We put everyone before ourselves just so that we can create peace and harmony within the walls of our homes... probably not the brightest thing we do, but it's all we know. We are a self-sacrificing breed so conscious of everyone and everything around us that we are totally oblivious to our own wants and needs. And I have to say, I am totally ok with this. I know I've done my job when my babies all run to me because they know I am the one place in this world that is non-judging, nurturing, safe, loving and above all else unconditional in so many ways.

What it comes down to is this... let's not sweat the small stuff, let's pick our battles... let's be the disciplinarian when needed, our children will thank us in the long run; and more than everything, let's just love them because that's what they deserve.

For as much as we feel unappreciated and invisible; be happy in knowing that our families and homes are built on the foundation that we as Mom's have shaped with our own ability to love. They love us... and show us everyday simply by needing us.

Enjoy your day ;)

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