Thursday, September 22, 2011

S.A.P. seeks S.A.S to spice things up....

While away for a belated anniversary adventure with Mr. Monkey; we stopped in some little towns full of great shops and interesting galleries.... I promise in the near future to devote an entire post to said adventure....

Aaaanyway, we came across a little "antique" shop FULL to the brim with trinkets and treasures.... these are my favourite kind of "antique" shops.... And - Just as a side note:  I have trouble with these shops calling themselves antique shops only because over half of the stuff in them are not really antiques at all, not in the true sense of the word anyway.... I prefer to think of them more as vintage or curiosity shops.... Ok, so I've aired my big beef - moving along.

While browsing this crammy little place, sans children (can I just say:  I love my children.  But, being able to do one of my very favourite things without having to tell a little monkey to stop touching the expensive china or please don't chop your brother's arm off with that ancient samurai sword - well, let's just say, it was a very calming experience for me)....

Again - aaaanyway, I found this little fella....

A single, aluminum pepper shaker.  There were two actually.  This one was in the best condition, a little dirty; but, nothing a little white vinegar couldn't fix.  I searched high and low for it's mate and came up empty-handed.  Rats!

This little guy actually goes with my canister set which makes me a very happy camper.... and now, the only items missing are the salt shaker, the large flour canister and the grease canister.... I'm 100% positive that I'll never use the grease canister; but, it'd be nice to complete the set anyway, right?

Have a great day folks.... officially, I think, it's the last day of summer.... and it looks like a lovely day in my neck of the woods.  So long my peeps ;)


  1. I love that! It's fun to have a collection and the thrill of the hunt is awesome. I have a few pieces of depression-era pink colored glass that came from my great-great grandmother and I am going to start collecting it too - I only have a few pieces to start, and it's been locked away in hiding (safe keeping from flying soccer balls, and curious hands) but it's time to use the good stuff and celebrate the every day!!!

  2. I'm all about using what you have, otherwise you don't truly get to enjoy it... I'll keep my eyes open in my thrifty travels for some pink depression glass :)