Sunday, September 4, 2011

Fiesta... ole!


Just so you know ;)

The vibrant and fun colours, the clean, simple and concentric lines, the art deco styles of the vintage pieces.... What's not to LOVE???

I've never owned any of my own.... unti-il today  (SMILES)

Aaaanyway,  while browsing a long weekend outdoor antique market, I came upon these little pieces of eye candy.  Beautiful plum, turquoise, yellow, periwinkle, and sunshine....

They were missing their saucers; but, really, I'd never use them so I'm not too concerned.... Do you use saucers with your tea cups? ....Well, I guess I shouldn't say I never use saucers.... when I use my china tea cups for Christmas gatherings, I use saucers; but, seriously, a fine china tea cup is totally naked without a saucer, right?

6 beautiful, genuine, authentic Fiesta ware tea cups.... $15!  Yes, I said $15!  Anyone wanna come for tea? 

I have a couple of other thrifty and vintage pieces to show you in the very near future.... believe me, it's hard not to snap fifty-thousand photos and post them all at once....  I'll just say this... It's time to get my girl-babes room under way....

Have a great night all ;)

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