Monday, September 19, 2011

Lots going on....

I have tons of stuff to show you over the next couple of weeks.... most of it will be re-finished, re-furbished, re-worked, re-purposed for my girl-monkey's room.  I've managed to pick all of her large bedroom items:  bed, dresser, magazine rack (a little project that's going to house some special items), chair... at second-hand shops, used and consignment shops!

My middle monkey, while watching American Pickers last week, turned to me and said "Mommy, you're like an American Picker guy."  I was so surprised that he would compare the way I like to shop for things, to these guys.... I guess when you think about it, I am kinda-sorta like a picker.  Only difference is that I'm not educated when it comes to antiques; and I'm really only trying to find things for my home that fit my vision and aren't cut from todays' cookie-cutter manufacturers.  Ok, so maybe I'm not a picker.... I'm more of a junk buyer :)

Anyhow.... Here's an itty-bitty piece of the dresser, we'll call this the before shot....

Sorry about the picture.... right now, it's living in the garage piled high with, well, garage-type-stuff.  I picked up this nice stick of wood at a consignment shop in my own little town.  Heavy solid wood, well-constructed, in near mint condition, complete with dove-tailed drawers.... and the price, you ask?

$75.00; I know, it may seem a little more money than what I'd normally like to spend.  But, when it comes to furniture of this construction, there's no way you could find a new piece even close to this quality at a reasonable price point.

Of course, I'm going to rough it up, strip it down, re-paint it and give it a lift with some new (or used) hardware.  I'm thinking the colour will end up being some sort of creamy white.... I'm hoping to remember to take step-by-step photos when I start the re-furb.... but, that remains to be seen.... knowing me, I'll remember halfway through the process.

Aaaanyway, it's dull and rainy here today, the perfect day for makin' soup, I say.  On today's menu:  Butternut, sweet potato and red apple soup.  A great soothing fall soup that will go well with tonight's meatloaf and rice dinner.  Yum!

Have a great day all ;)

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  1. Sounds wonderful, can't wait to watch your progress! And it was a soup day, I made corn chowder :)