Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Slow start....

I'm in catch up mode around here.... my house is screaming for me to put it back in order and get rid of all the Christmas decor.... my laundry room is wondering why it feels so claustrophobic, that could be because all of our clothes seem to have relocated themselves there, hmmm....

Aaaaanyway, I'm not going to bore you with my day to day house chores that have been neglected by a certain someone who's name starts with J and ends with E and has a ULI between.... no, no, I'm not pointing fingers....

I'll be back next week with some crafty-like projects.... PROMISE :)

Have a great snowy day all ;)


  1. hey speaking of laundry... I am still LOVING the home made laundry soap!!! It's all I ever use now! Absolutely love it and also shopping at home to make it! I find that it not only works as well as commercial soap, but even better! Thanks again!!!

  2. Fantastic! I'm glad you like it... I love it too :)