Monday, August 2, 2010

Please stand by...

As you can see, I am having technical difficulties with the new blogger design stuff... and have to say that I am not pleased at all with my limited options and the user UN-friendliness of said new options...

Please bear with me as I try to find a layout and design that I am happy with... and if I cannot, I may be looking into other blogging sites, which will mean I may be off-line for a little while...

Thanks for understanding... hope the current ugliness of my blog doesn't turn you away ;)

UPDATE: I think I've figured out the problems and have come to a happy solution... now I just need to try to remember all of the blogs I love :(
This time, I will have to make a copy of all of the technical stuffffff.... and hide it away in a safe place.

Hope you like my new look!

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