Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentine's made super easy...

LOVE day is on Sunday and only one sleep til class parties... luckily my creative energy decided to kick back in earlier this week and I was able to come up with this great idea... I say great because I'm sure it's something I'll use for any number of occasions.

I LOVE trying to come up with unique little Valentine treats for the boys' classmates... and this year I am in LOVE with this idea... pictured above are the supplies needed to complete this crafty bit...
~ fancy-shmancy scrapbooking paper (various designs)
~ card stock (various colours)
~ XACTO knife, safety ruler, and cutting mat (or plain ol' scissors and ruler)
~ snack sized plastic baggies
~ stapler
~ glue or some other adhesive-like substance or material
~ various treats (edible or non-edible)

Okay, so what I've created is my version of those plastic bags of candy that hang very enticingly in the junk aisle of every grocery and department store I shop in. So first things first... measure the width of the plastic baggie or even easier, check out the size on the box they came in (mine were 6-1/2" wide). Measure and cut out rectangles of paper 6-1/2" by 3", I like using my cutting mat for projects like this because it ensures precision cuts... although, having said that, a straight edged paper cutter would do the job just as well... anyway, getting on with it...

Fill the baggies with loot/treats/snacks/whatever you deem fit... try to release as much of the air from the baggies as possible before you seal them... take a rectangle of paper, fold it in half on the short side. Slip the treat bag, sealed side into the fold of the paper, hold and place two staples just below the zipper seal... make enough for all classmates and set aside.

Next, make a heart template, size is absolutely at your discretion. Trace and cut out the number of heart shapes needed to create tags for each treat bag. Have your child fill in the tags her/himself and once that's done adhere them to the treat bag's new paper handle.... VOILA! Your child is ready for LOVE day gifting... enjoy your LOVE day!


  1. This is a fantastic idea! Even I could do this! Thanks for sharing, 3 Monkey Mommy!

  2. That would be awesome as a loot bag for birthday parties too!!!